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Go Green Tip 23: Don’t eat fish

Seafood is a popular, healthy, sensible and guilt-free choice… or is it? 80% of the world fish stocks are over exploited or exploited to their maximum & this could cause unacceptable damage to the oceans ecosystem with potential long-term negative effects.

Dolphins, marine turtles, seabirds, sharks, juvenile fish, fish with little commercial value, corals, starfish - billions of unwanted animals are caught every year by fishing boats then discarded dead or dying back into the ocean. Known as bycatch, the incidental capture of these so-called “non-target species” is a major fisheries management problem, wasting fishermen’s time and hundreds of millions of dollars in damaged gear and inefficient fishing methods.
It’s also one of the greatest threats to the marine environment, wasting a valuable natural resource and causing dramatic declines in populations of many marine species. As such, WWF is working on bycatch as a priority conservation issue.